By David Oliver, also known as Espartannoble6.

The Fandom Foundry is my home Fandom site and personal design lab. It is the materialization of my own vision of the Fandom powered by Wikia platform. Through this project I pursue one clear objective: to reimagine the experience of navigating and using Fandom from a visual standpoint through thoughtful and user-friendly design.

Given the nature of this project the site will undergo continuous changes, which are always part of a new concept or idea being developed. I will sometimes fail and I will sometimes find success, but I hope to help improve Fandom. It is my final goal.

The Fandom Foundry is also an open project, not because I want it to be that way but because Fandom is an open platform. It would not make sense to design anything just for myself, and it would go against the platform's nature. That means everyone can use the ideas and concepts designed here on their own Fandom communities, always giving credit.

Finally, the vision I embrace on this site does not represent the one from Wikia, Inc and does not imply that the default experience is worse or of a lower quality. The Fandom Foundry aims to introduce this vision to interested users, and to help them build a similar experience on their communities.